Android Security Alert: Trojan GGTracker subscribes users to premium SMS services

June 21, 2011 by John Messina weblog
Android Security Alert: Trojan GGTracker subscribes users to premium SMS services
Lookout Security Firm has identified a new Android Trojan called GGTracker that installs premium SMS services to a user's phone without their knowledge.

( -- Lookout Security Firm as identified a new android Trojan named GGTracker that is downloaded to a user’s phone after visiting a malicious webpage that imitates the Android Market. The Trojan then proceeds to sign up the user to premium SMS services without their knowledge.

The targets only U.S. Smartphone users when they click on a malicious in-app advertisement. The website lures users to click-through to download and install an application one of which is a fake battery optimizer called “”, and another is a porn app called “”.

After the application has been installed, GGTracker registers the user for premium subscription services. The Trojan carries out this task by contacting another server in the background where the malicious behavior intercepts crucial confirmation data to charge users without their consent or knowledge.

Lookout advises that users can protect themselves from malicious webpage’s by taking a few precautions:

• After clicking on an advertisement, make sure the page and URL matches the website the advertisement claims it’s sending you to.
• Download apps only from trusted sources. Also look at the developer’s name, reviews, and star ratings. If you are suppose to be on the Market, check the URL to make sure you are on the Market and not redirected to another site.
• Always monitor your for any unusual behavior like unusual SMS messages, strange charges on your phone bill or unusual network activity. Check all apps running in the background and investigate any that you think should not be running.
• Don’t download any third party apps by making sure “unknown sources” is not check off in “application settings” in your android system.
• Download a mobile security app for your phone that scans every app you download to ensure its safe.

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More information: via Lookout Blog

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1 / 5 (1) Jun 21, 2011
That's the problem with open. Its open to everyone.
not rated yet Jun 21, 2011
That's the problem with open. Its open to everyone.

And closed systems are safer? Hardly! Look at Windows and the precious Mac system has malware too. It's not a perfect world. Hackers who can break into Apple's iOS and Macs are of a much higher caliber anyway and there's not that many, so you get less attacks. Those who break into any Open Source OS are just wannabes with no talent.
not rated yet Jun 21, 2011
"That's the problem with open. Its open to everyone."

Like open forums where any fucknuckle can show of their fucknuckle mental powers

Why is a company "the premium subscription services" allowed to profit from this type of activity?

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