Sony to launch PlayStation smartphone in spring

December 29, 2010
A model displays a Sony PlayStation Portable in Chiba, suburban Tokyo. The firm's long-rumoured PlayStation Portable smartphone is set to be launched in North America and Europe as early as the spring, according to a Japanese newspaper report Wednesday.

Sony's long-rumoured PlayStation Portable smartphone is set to be launched in North America and Europe as early as the spring, according to a Japanese newspaper report Wednesday.

The device would likely be based on Sony's handheld PSP Go game console, would be made by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and run Google's operating system, said the Asahi Shimbun's English edition, citing unnamed sources.

Sony hopes to take on Apple's , Research in Motion's and Nokia devices by offering the first that is based on a portable game console, with a set of controls that allows very advanced gaming.

The PSP Go, launched in November 2009, already features software downloads through a wireless connection, allowing players to also browse the Internet, watch movies, play music and read books and comics.

The new PlayStation handset would similarly work with Sony's online media platform, the company's answer to Apple's iTunes.

Sony hopes the phone will stimulate sales in the sluggish videogame console market, said the Asahi.

Sony called the newspaper report "speculation" and declined to comment.

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not rated yet Dec 29, 2010
Well, duh...

Smart phones have lots of games built into them or available on the company's website/app store for purchase.

In the past, the reason NOT to get a console has been that there are great games on PC anyway, and a PC could do so many things that a console couldn't, but now the technologies are advancing to the point that everything is converging, so there isn't much difference between a console and a PC as there used to be. Soon, with this bomb and others to follow, there won't be any real distinction between a "computer" and a "console".
1 / 5 (1) Dec 31, 2010
first off--QC...A "console" is a "computer". Ahh duh...errr duh,,,derr duh,

--your lord jesus and i played xbox on a magic machine last night, it was'nt a "Computer" at was a magic box QC calls a "Console" thats runs no code...its magic i guess, ill go read my bible now
1 / 5 (1) Dec 31, 2010
There will always be a distinction between console and pc. Consoles, although they have come a long way, will remain focused on games. While the pc, although can play games, will remain focused on production. Will always be. The markets will remain separate. Yes they appear close at times, but market separation is essential to market stability and growth.
not rated yet Jan 02, 2011
yes, "Diverse" know the future i guess? must not know his history..
not rated yet Jan 04, 2011
I see a severe lack of keyboard. If there really isn't any Sony is continuing to botch their handheld console. First with the Go, which is counterproductive for retailers. Retailers, like Sony, make money on the GAMES that Sony sells ONLINE not at retail thus giving near zero incentive to the retailer.

Now they seem to have failed to notice the strong tendency to for people to use text messages despite the ripoff charges for them. That machine in the picture makes no sense at all.

not rated yet Jan 10, 2011
That machine in the picture makes no sense at all.

Well...its a psp go, and as for all the garbage you just has less to with the retailer, and far more to do with the consumer......Ipods are the perfect example.... avg. profit on an ipod is around 5 bucks. the start at 199.99.......hmmm

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