Archive: 03/17/2008

Curbing teen drinking difficult in urban areas

Keeping middle schoolers from alcohol is a tougher task in the inner city than in rural areas, even for experts armed with the best prevention programs, a new University of Florida study shows.

Mar 17, 2008
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Modern microbialites may be endemic remnants of ancient ecosystems

Viruses and bacterial viruses (known as phages) are among the most abundant life forms on the planet. Two papers published recently in Nature, March 2 and 12, 2008, analyse the geographical distribution of viral communities in mod ...

Mar 17, 2008
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Heart-healthy yak cheese

In a finding likely to get cheese lovers talking, researchers in Nepal and Canada report that yak cheese contains higher levels of heart-healthy fats than cheese from dairy cattle, and may be healthier. Their ...

Mar 17, 2008
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Mercury's shifting, rolling past

Patterns of scalloped-edged cliffs or lobate scarps on Mercury’s surface are thrust faults that are consistent with the planet shrinking and cooling with time. However, compression occurred in the planet’s early history ...

Mar 17, 2008
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Fake diamonds help jet engines take the heat

Ohio State University engineers are developing a technology to coat jet engine turbine blades with zirconium dioxide -- commonly called zirconia, the stuff of synthetic diamonds -- to combat high-temperature ...

Mar 17, 2008
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