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New model clarifies why water freezes at a range of temperatures

From abstract-looking cloud formations to roars of snow machines on ski slopes, the transformation of liquid water into solid ice touches many facets of life. Water's freezing point is generally accepted to be 32 degrees ...

Surprising insights about debris flows on Mars

The period that liquid water was present on the surface of Mars may have been shorter than previously thought. Channel landforms called gullies, previously thought to be formed exclusively by liquid water, can also be formed ...

Rising temperatures upend migratory bird habitats in Albania

Long considered a Garden of Eden for migratory birds, the Vain Lagoon along the northern Albanian coast has been increasingly abandoned by a range of species as rising temperatures wreak havoc on wetlands across the country.

Operations begin to de-ice Euclid's vision

A few layers of water ice—the width of a strand of DNA—are starting to impact Euclid's vision; a common issue for spacecraft in the freezing cold of space, but a potential problem for this highly sensitive mission that ...

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