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How light can vaporize water without the need for heat

It's the most fundamental of processes—the evaporation of water from the surfaces of oceans and lakes, the burning off of fog in the morning sun, and the drying of briny ponds that leaves solid salt behind. Evaporation ...

Bleaching of coral reefs shows severe ocean circulation changes

A new paper in Oxford Open Climate Change indicates that extensive bleaching and deaths are widespread at several major coral reefs around the world. This suggests that climate change has resulted in shifting patterns in ...

A better way to predict Arctic riverbank erosion

Arctic riverbanks are typically resilient, thanks to the power of permafrost. This permanently frozen soil locks in sediment, leading to low erosion rates. But as Arctic river water warms due to climate change, some researchers ...

At Thailand dive expo, fears for coral's future

Jakkapat Yodnil calls out to visitors at a diving expo in Bangkok, eager to share details of his shop's expeditions to the azure waters around the Thai island of Koh Tao.

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