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The path to reducing plastic pollution

Shuddering and unable to breathe, he vomited up five plastic bags. The small pilot whale, found in a Thai canal this past June, is another symptom of a crisis in the world's oceans. Plastic waste, mostly broken down into ...

dateSep 18, 2018 in Environment
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When anti-waste campaigns backfire

Waste has become a serious problem in Western societies. About a third of the food produced in countries such as the [United Kingdom](](, Australia and ...

dateSep 11, 2018 in Environment
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Seeing food wasted makes us mad – but should it?

There is currently a grand consensus of academics, policymakers and food campaign groups that "something must be done" to reduce food wastage. Malnutrition is real, but so too is the obesity crisis. But when everyone agrees, ...

dateSep 10, 2018 in Environment
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Rethinking the electronic waste problem

Our love affair with mobile phones, computers and everything electronic has created a global tsunami of electronic waste. It is estimated that more than 40 million tonnes of e-waste is generated around the world per annum ...

dateSep 06, 2018 in Environment
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