Engineers examine safe drinking water management strategies

While residents in California are still dealing with damage from last month's floods—after years of devastating droughts—UBC Okanagan engineers are looking at better ways to manage the delivery of safe drinking water ...

Research explores how fungi become drug-resistant

Researchers are investigating how disease-causing fungi become resistant to antifungal drugs to help prevent potentially devastating consequences of the growing resistance harmful microbes are developing to drugs.

Scientists create computer simulation based on digital microbes

Researchers at University of Galway associated with APC Microbiome Ireland have created a resource of over 7,000 digital microbes—enabling computer simulations of how drug treatments work and how patients may respond.

'Living medicine' created to tackle drug-resistant lung infections

Researchers have designed the first "living medicine" to treat lung infections. The treatment targets Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a type of bacteria that is naturally resistant to many types of antibiotics and is a common source ...

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