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Lyme disease in dogs: What dog owners should know

As Lyme disease cases rise in the U.S., humans are not the only ones at risk. Veterinarians with the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine say dogs are increasingly vulnerable to this tick-borne illness.

Ant pheromones may help protect hikers and campers from ticks

If you're outside enjoying the spring sunshine, then chances are, ticks are too. However, new research from Simon Fraser University (SFU) suggests the use of ant pheromones as a topical repellent, or as an environmental barrier, ...

Protein may hold key to preventing a tick-borne disease

A study led by researchers at Washington State University has pinpointed a protein that appears to play a pivotal role in how a harmful bacteria that causes the disease anaplasmosis establishes itself in ticks before being ...

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