Trump pullout from climate pact means even hotter world: report

US President Donald Trump's pullout from the Paris Agreement will push up global temperatures nearly half a degree Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100, according to a report released Wednesday at UN climate talks in ...

Blocking the sun to control global warming

It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie—artificially blocking sunlight to keep global warming from overheating the Earth. Nevertheless, a small cadre of researchers is studying the option—so that if ...

Agriculture victim of and solution to climate change

Diplomatic wrangling this week will make the headlines in the fight against climate change, but experts say a bigger but largely unseen battle is set to unfold on the world's farms.

Half of greenhouse gases 'emitted by five nations'

More than half of all carbon pollution released into the atmosphere comes from five countries, according to a national ranking of greenhouse gas emissions released Thursday.

Wind farm fuels Ethiopia's green power ambitions

Villagers in Ethiopia's arid north live as they have for centuries surrounded by cattle and donkeys; only the rows of towering white wind turbines look out of place.

Mother bats use baby talk to communicate with their pups

When talking to babies, humans slow down their speech, raise their pitch and change the "color" of their voice. This 'baby talk,' as people know it, increases the infant's attention and facilitates language learning. Among ...

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