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Bolstered by buoys: Predicting El Niño

The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO)—the climate phenomenon comprising the warm El Niño, cool La Niña, and neutral climate phases—occurs on a cycle that lasts 2–7 years. When it forms, ENSO drives irregular ...

El Nino set to last at least til April: UN

The El Niño weather phenomenon, which triggers higher global temperatures, is expected to last until at least April 2024, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

Measuring the impact of desert greening

Long-term satellite data shows a significant cooling effect of vegetation on land surface temperature. The searing heat of the Arabian Peninsula translates to a population vulnerable to heat stress. As temperatures continue ...

New method to recycle adsorbents in wastewater treatment

Removing pollutants from wastewater using adsorbents like activated carbon is often unsustainable. Once saturated, these adsorbents need to be regenerated which can require high temperatures. Pierre Oesterle's thesis shows ...

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