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Major 2020 Alaska quake triggered neighboring 2021 temblor

A study of two powerful earthquakes in adjacent areas off the Alaska Peninsula in 2020 and 2021 shows a connection between the two. It also suggests they may be a part of an 80-year rupture cascade along the fault.

A surprisingly soft mineral may control how Earth recycles rocks

The geological events we see on the surface of the Earth as mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes are expressions of processes that are happening deep in our planet. Here on the Earth's crust, we're part of a conveyor belt ...

Weird earthquake reveals hidden mechanism

The wrong type of earthquake in an area where there should not have been an earthquake led researchers to uncover the cause for this unexpected strike-slip earthquake—where two pieces of crust slide past each other on a ...

Sinking sea mountains make and muffle earthquakes

Subduction zones—places where one tectonic plate dives beneath another—are where the world's largest and most damaging earthquakes occur. A new study has found that when underwater mountains—also known as seamounts—are ...

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