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Subducted seamounts may lead to larger earthquakes

There are thousands of mountains scattered across the seafloor, many of which are thousands of meters tall. These seamounts may have significant impacts on seismicity when the portion of the ocean floor they are on is subducted ...

Evaluating dual hydration of the oceanic lithosphere

A new study led by Dr. Jian Lin (Southern University of Science and Technology) and Dr. Fan Zhang (South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences) reexamines how the ocean's lithosphere operates.

The first slow-slip events seen off southern Costa Rica

Slow-slip events (SSEs) are slow earthquake ruptures that generate just a few centimeters of slip over periods ranging from days to years. They are thought to occur in many of the world's subduction zones, but these subtle ...

Talc may make Mexico's subduction zone more slippery

The Mexican state of Guerrero, located on the country's Pacific coast, is known for its rich cultural history and for iconic beach destinations like Acapulco. It is also home to a geologically curious subduction zone.

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