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Defensive cage architectures in herbivore-driven ecosystems

Dense branching and spines are common features of plant species in ecosystems with high mammalian herbivory pressure. The combination of dense branching and spines is likely to produce the most effective herbivore defenses, ...

Fossil spines reveal deep sea's past

Right at the bottom of the deep sea, the first very simple forms of life on Earth probably emerged a long time ago. Today, the deep sea is known for its bizarre fauna. Intensive research is being conducted into how the number ...

Sea urchin tubercules found to have a Voronoi pattern

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Italy, working with a colleague from the U.S., has found that sea urchin spine joiners have bone formations that conform to a Voronoi pattern. In their paper published ...

New giant deep-sea isopod discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

Researchers have identified a new species of Bathonymus, the famed genera of deep-sea isopods whose viral internet fame has made them the most famous aquatic crustaceans since Sebastian of "The Little Mermaid."

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Spinefarm Records

Spinefarm Records is a Finland-based record label focusing mainly on heavy metal artists. In 1999, a sub-label titled Spikefarm Records was started by Sami Tenetz from Thy Serpent. Since 2002, Spinefarm has been part of Universal Music Group, but operates as an independent business unit .

In Autumn 2007, Spinefarm launched in the UK, starting with re-issuing deluxe versions of the first 5 Nightwish albums, including the 'Over The Hills And Far Away' EP.

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