Three astronauts on Soyuz craft successfully reach ISS

A Russian cosmonaut and two US astronauts arrived Friday at the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, five months after the failed launch of a rocket carrying two of the passengers.

CubeSats joining Hera mission to asteroid system

When ESA's planned Hera mission journeys to its target binary asteroid system, it will not be alone. The spacecraft will carry two tiny CubeSats for deployment around – and eventual landing on – the Didymos asteroids. ...

Space shuttle's final trip is an all-night affair (Update)

(AP)—In thousands of Earth orbits, the space shuttle Endeavour traveled 123 million miles (198 million kilometers). But the last few miles (kilometers) of its final journey are proving hard to get through.

Same-day delivery to space station succeeds

( -- The journey of a set of devices from Rice University to the International Space Station (ISS) earlier this month gave new meaning to the concept of “fast chips.”

Virgin Galactic unveils commercial spaceship

SpaceShipTwo (SS2) and its mothership, VMS Eve (WhiteKnightTwo) herald a new era in commercial space flight with daily space tourism flights set to commence from Spaceport America in New Mexico after test program and all ...

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