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Whale carcass proves tasty snack for beetles

A total of 21 new beetle species were discovered in the whale carcass that washed ashore at the Rottumerplaat in 2020. The creatures are experts in consuming meat, skin and bones.

Microorganisms could be 'gamechangers' in ecosystem restoration

Soil provides a variety of services that are indispensable to life on Earth. The global decline in soil quality is therefore a major concern. One solution may lie in the hands of tiny organisms that can direct ecosystem recovery: ...

Revealing the 'hidden half' of grain using synchrotron imaging

Professor of Soil Science at The University of Queensland Peter Kopittke and co-principal investigator Professor Enzo Lombi of the University of SA are very optimistic about the use of a new synchrotron-based imaging technique ...

The magic of biochar

Ensuring a steady food supply is a problem in many regions of Africa—and the strong population growth will only exacerbate it in the future. Yet the agricultural sector could definitely produce greater yields. Experts estimate ...

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