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Researchers propose new strategy to enhance methane hydroxylation

Methane, mainly from natural gas, shale gas and methane hydrate, is one of the most economic fossil fuels. However, it remains a great challenge to realize the selective valorization of methane under mild conditions due to ...

Study links fracking, drinking water pollution, and infant health

New research documents for the first time the pollution of public water supplies caused by shale gas development, commonly known as fracking, and its negative impact of infant health. These findings call for closer environmental ...

'Double decoration' enhances industrial catalyst

Adding lead and calcium to an industrial catalyst dramatically improves its ability to support propylene production at very high temperatures, making it stable and active for a month.

Solving the plastic shortage with a new chemical catalyst

In a year that has already battered manufacturing supply chains, yet another shortage is complicating manufacturers' and consumers' lives: plastics, and the food packaging, automotive components, clothing, medical and lab ...

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