Did Teddy Evans fatally undermine Scott of the Antarctic?

The 1912 death of Scott of the Antarctic and four companions has long been blamed on poor planning by Scott, but documents discovered by a UNSW researcher reveal a different story – and a possible cover up.

Exploring underground with a colliding drone

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano last weekend helped to explore the caverns under Sicily using a drone that deliberately bumped into its surroundings in order to build a map.

Effects of Saharan dust transport on climate change under study

Studying the processes of transport and deposition of dust from the Sahara desert and African fires is the main objective of scientific expedition JC134 of the Royal Research Ship James Cook. The purpose of the study is to ...

Hundreds of whales found dead in Chile

More than 300 whales have been found washed up in a remote inlet in Patagonia in southern Chile in one of the largest die-offs on record, researchers said Tuesday.

Colombia to send first research ship to Antarctica

Colombia will send a ship on a scientific research expedition to Antarctica for the first time in mid-December to probe climate and health issues, organizers said Saturday.

Rescue underway for Russian ship trapped by Antarctic ice

Three icebreaking ships were Thursday hurrying to reach a Russian vessel carrying 74 people on a scientific expedition which is trapped by ice off Antarctica, with Australian authorities coordinating the rescue mission.

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