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Chicago's West Side is an air pollution hotspot, new study finds

The western edge of Chicago—including the North and South Lawndale, East Garfield Park, Archer Heights and Brighton Park neighborhoods—experiences up to 32% higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution ...

Algorithm allows farmers to monitor crops in real time

Farmers across the United States will be able to monitor their crops in real time, thanks to a novel algorithm from researchers in South Dakota State University's Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence.

Wildfires continue to rage in Greece, as seen by satellite

A month after fires ravaged the island of Rhodes in July 2023, more fires have ripped through Greece this week as southern Europe swelters under a late summer heat wave. This Copernicus Sentinel-2 image shows the ongoing ...

Assessing controls on ocean productivity—from space

Phytoplankton determine how much life the ocean is able to support and play a role in controlling atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, thereby regulating our climate. These tiny marine plants depend on sunlight as well ...

Research team takes neuromorphic computing a step forward

Neuromorphic computers do not calculate using zeros and ones. They instead use physical phenomena to detect patterns in large data streams at blazing fast speed and in an extremely energy-efficient manner.

Australia scraps billion-dollar satellite program

Australia on Friday said it was axing a billion-dollar plan to develop a series of space satellites, as it tries to cut costs amid an economic slowdown and cost-of-living crisis.

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