A new way to share secret information, using quantum mechanics

Quantum information is a powerful technology for increasing the amount of information that can be processed and communicated securely. Using quantum entanglement to securely distribute a secret quantum state among multiple ...

Google hails 'key milestone' in quantum computing

Google scientists said Wednesday they have passed a major milestone in their quest to develop effective quantum computing, with a new study showing they reduced the rate of errors—long an obstacle for the much-hyped technology.

Using 'cat states' to realize fault-tolerant quantum computers

Error correction in quantum computers could be simplified by a new protocol proposed by an all-RIKEN team based on "cat states." It could cut the computing resources needed to fix errors to the same level as conventional ...

Developing a key element for scalable quantum computers

Quantum computers have the potential to vastly exceed the capabilities of conventional computers for certain tasks. But there is still a long way to go before they can help to solve real-world problems. Many applications ...

MBE-CQEC: A new scheme to correct quantum errors

Quantum computers hold enormous promise in our big data world. If researchers can harness their potential, these devices could perform massively complex computations at lightning speed.

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