A 5-minute PCR, faster than self-diagnosis kits

PCR technology is a molecular diagnostics technology that detects target nucleic acids by amplifying the DNA amount. It has brought marked progress in the life sciences field since its development in 1984.

Complex mechanics of cellulose composites revealed

An international team of researchers, led by Assistant Professor J Naveen (VIT, India), has finally completed and published a comprehensive survey of the complex structure of the natural fibers embedded in and reinforcing ...

Recyclable composites help drive net-zero goal

Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists designed a recyclable polymer for carbon-fiber composites to enable circular manufacturing of parts that boost energy efficiency in automotive, wind power and aerospace applications.

Harnessing the building blocks of polymer recycling

Polymers are lightweight, durable, and easily processed into fabricated parts, features that promoted polymers to become the most relevant class of engineering materials by volume. However, recycling polymers is a challenge ...

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