Nuclear expert cautions against unfamiliar new nuclear age

High-tech advances in weapons technologies and a return of 'great power nuclear politics', risk the world 'sleepwalking' into a nuclear age vastly different from the established order of the Cold War, according to new research ...

A competitive working environment may prompt knowledge leaks

Organizational climate is key to managing the flow of proprietary knowledge within an organization and to preventing knowledge spillovers to competitors. Letting knowledge flow within organizational boundaries generates ...

Atom-smashing CERN lab ratchets up measures against Russia

The sprawling European science lab that houses the world's largest atom smasher is taking new steps that will further limit its cooperation with Russian research institutes in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

European atom-smashers ponder response to Russia's invasion

The Geneva-area research center that houses the world's largest atom smasher is grappling with ways to punish Russia's government while protecting Russian researchers who work to help solve the deepest mysteries of the universe.

Hawaiʻi phones capture data in Tonga volcano blast

The explosion of the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga-Haʻapai on January 15, released a blast "sound" wave that reverberated through Earth's atmosphere and was recorded around the world by monitoring stations—and smartphones. ...

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