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Microbes emit nitrogen oxides—perhaps more than you think

Microbes emit nitrogen oxides, or NOx. This is important because it involves surface-earth nitrogen (N) cycle, which strongly interacts with environmental quality, food production, biosphere and climate changes. A study led ...

Anthropogenic monoterpenes are worsening urban ozone pollution

This study was led by Prof. Keding Lu and Prof. Yuanhang Zhang from Peking University. They conducted a field campaign in Taizhou, Eastern China from May to June in 2018. They observed elevated levels of monoterpene, a formerly ...

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Nitrogen oxide

The term nitrogen oxide typically refers to any binary compound of oxygen and nitrogen, or to a mixture of such compounds:

(Note that the last three are unstable.)

Chemical reactions that produce nitrogen oxides often produce several different compounds, the proportions of which depend on the specific reaction and conditions. For this reason, secondary[clarification needed] production of N2O is undesirable, as NO and NO2 — which are extremely toxic — are liable to be produced as well.

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