Mushrooms serve as 'main character' in most ecosystems

A team of Western mycologists (fungi experts) spent the past two summers digging deep in Newfoundland dirt to investigate the might of mushrooms and found what lies beneath truly is 'the main character' in most terrestrial ...

Finding the best lentil varieties for every farm

Lentils are an important and popular food in many parts of the world. They are also a nutritional powerhouse. This versatile legume is a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber, and high in mineral nutrients and ...

Plant biology advances rapidly to help feed the world

( —A series of new discoveries in plant cell biology will help to increase the supply of food and energy for our rapidly growing global population, according to 12 of the world's leading plant biologists.

Legume trees key to supporting tropical forest growth

Researchers have found that nitrogen-fixing legume trees can support themselves and surrounding trees not only with increased access to nitrogen, but with other key nutrients through enhanced mineral weathering.

Waxy plant substance key for absorption of water, nutrients

( -- While proving a long-held theory that suberin blocks water and nutrient absorption in plants, a Purdue University scientist learned more about manipulating the substance to better feed plants.

Solving the bottleneck in biogas production

Agro-biogas plants produce renewable energy, extracting gas produced in the anaerobic fermentation of animal manures mixed with organic wastes from the food sector. One by-product of this fermentation process is a thick liquid ...

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