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Mice individuality is influenced by their relations

Individuality is not exclusive to humans. Though this idea was previously rebutted by biologists, today, it is accepted that individuality is found in all animal species. It is defined as all the behavior differences between ...

Study finds shape not size matters in male mice

Male mice exposed to other male competitors have thicker penis bones according to a new study by researchers at The University of Western Australia, published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Scientists develop improved model for study of Zika virus

An international research team has developed a new animal model used to study the pathogenesis of the Zika virus. Scientists were able to induce the disease in mice in a way that is similar to human pathology. The new model ...

Worm-eating mice reveal how evolution works on islands

Australia has a bunch of kangaroo species, Madagascar has multiple species of lemurs, the Galapagos Islands have boulder-sized tortoises—islands get lots of cool animals. That's because when animals are isolated on islands, ...

Gut bacteria keeps bears healthily obese

The summer sun pokes its way through the pine trees to strike the forest floor, where a bear is feasting on blueberries. She can easily get through 50 kilograms a day.

Topical antibiotic triggers unexpected antiviral response

A Yale-led research team made a startling discovery while investigating the effect of bacteria on viral infections. When they applied a common topical antibiotic to mice before or shortly after infection with herpes and other ...

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