What is the best way to group students?

Imagine you have a group of 30 children who want to play soccer. You would like to divide them into two teams, so they can practice their skills and learn from their coaches to become better players.

Using math to calculate the path of cancer

Biologists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) are using a mathematical approach developed in CSHL Assistant Professor David McCandlish's lab to find solutions to a diverse set of biological problems. Originally created ...

Sticky electrons: When repulsion turns into attraction

Materials can assume completely different properties depending on temperature, pressure, electrical voltage or other physical quantities. In theoretical solid-state physics, state-of-the-art computer models are used to understand ...

Slow growth the key to long term cold sensing

Plants have to interpret temperature fluctuations over timescales ranging from hours to months to align their growth and development with the seasons.

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