Detecting influence campaigns on X with AI and network science

In the age of generative-AI and large language models (LLMs), massive amounts of inauthentic content can be rapidly broadcasted on social media platforms. As a result, malicious actors are becoming more sophisticated, hijacking ...

Research team develops AI to perform chemical synthesis

Chemistry, with its intricate processes and vast potential for innovation, has always been a challenge for automation. Traditional computational tools, despite their advanced capabilities, often remain underutilized due to ...

What can AI learn about the universe?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become ubiquitous, with applications ranging from data analysis, cybersecurity, pharmaceutical development, music composition, and artistic renderings.

How AI can help map sign languages

Like spoken languages, sign languages evolve organically and do not always have the same origin. This produces different ways of communication and annotation. This is the subject of Manolis Fragkiadakis's Ph.D. thesis.

AI makes a rendezvous in space

Space travel is complex, expensive, and risky. Great sums and valuable payloads are on the line every time one spacecraft docks with another. One slip and a billion-dollar mission could be lost. Aerospace engineers believe ...

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