China unable to reestablish contact with its Zhurong Mars rover

China's National Space Administration (CNSA) has been hoping to reestablish communications with the Zhurong Mars rover, but so far, their efforts have been unsuccessful. Zhurong was put into hibernation over six months ago ...

Where are the best places to land humans on Mars?

Want to go to Mars? Great, now all you need to do is plan a mission. Figure out where to land, what to bring, and how you're going to live there in the months (or years) between favorable return windows. All this will be ...

Scientists depict Dragonfly landing site on Saturn moon Titan

When NASA's 990-pound Dragonfly rotorcraft reaches the Selk crater region—the mission's target touchdown spot—on Saturn's moon Titan in 2034, Cornell's Léa Bonnefoy will have helped to make it a smooth landing.

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