Best geologic map created for a European rover on Mars

A team of European scientists have published the most detailed geological map of Oxia Planum—the landing site for ESA's Rosalind Franklin rover on Mars. This thorough look at the geography and geological history of the ...

Complex subsurface of Mars imaged by Chinese rover Zhurong

Ground-penetrating radar from China's Martian rover Zhurong reveals shallow impact craters and other geologic structures in the top five meters of the Red Planet's surface. The images of the Martian subsurface are presented ...

Scientists depict Dragonfly landing site on Saturn moon Titan

When NASA's 990-pound Dragonfly rotorcraft reaches the Selk crater region—the mission's target touchdown spot—on Saturn's moon Titan in 2034, Cornell's Léa Bonnefoy will have helped to make it a smooth landing.

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