Five ways COVID-19 will change the food business

Eating at home more and sticking with online delivery or takeout are habits likely to persist even as pandemic measures ease, according to a University of Alberta expert.

Life on welfare isn't what most people think it is

When Americans talk about people receiving public assistance—food stamps, disability, unemployment payments and other government help—they often have stereotypes and inaccurate perceptions of who those people are and ...

An artificial 'tongue' of gold to taste maple syrup

It's said that maple syrup is Quebec's liquid gold. Now scientists at Université de Montréal have found a way to use real gold—in the form of nanoparticles—to quickly find out how the syrup tastes.

Local farms, stores fill gap for groceries

Reports of rivers of wasted milk and fields of rotting onions no longer needed by restaurants showed the limitations of the food industry to quickly pivot during times of great stress, but local farms and stores have stepped ...

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