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Study provides new insights into lipid droplet dynamics

In a study published in Developmental Cell, researchers led by Prof. Huang Xun from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences demonstrated the role of lipid droplet-localized CETN-SPDL1-L ...

Genetic tools probe microbial dark matter

Patescibacteria are a group of puzzling, tiny microbes whose manner of staying alive has been difficult to fathom. Scientists can cultivate only a few types, yet these bacteria are a diverse group found in many environments.

The 'Rapunzel' virus: An evolutionary oddity

A recent study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry has revealed the secret behind an evolutionary marvel: a bacteriophage with an extremely long tail. This extraordinary tail is part of a bacteriophage that lives in inhospitable ...

Vaccination for bees doesn't sting

Beekeepers could soon have a new option for protecting hives from a devastating disease: the first vaccine for insects.

Efflux pump inhibitors: Bulking up to beat bacteria

The medical profession is in the midst of losing an arms race. Bacterial antibiotic resistance doesn't just threaten our ability to treat infection but our ability to carry out any treatment where infection is a risk. This ...

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