Fast-cooling sample environment furnaces furnaces

How long does it take to cool a sample environment furnaces from 1000 degrees C to 80 degrees C? Answer: 4.5 hours. This wastes a lot of precious neutron beam time so what has SINE2020 been doing about it?

Exhaust gas is to blame: Ground-level ozone is damaging crops

It is generally known that pollution has damaged the ozone layer around the Earth. The ozone layer is important for protecting life from harmful UV rays from the sun. However, the fact that pollution leads to too much ozone ...

Heat recovery in steel plants to boost competitiveness

Kristijan Plesnik, energy manager at the steel production SIJ Metal Ravne in Slovenia, talks to ESCI about economic threats to steel production and how these may affect EU climate targets. Kristijan is also involved in the ...

Oxide sintering by air pressure control

Professor Hiromi Nakano of the Toyohashi University of Technology has collaborated with a company to develop a small, lightweight air-pressure control atmosphere furnace that can rapidly and uniformly synthesize periodical ...

Optimizing recycling of scrap car parts yields big savings

Sorting scrap car parts into just eight classes could increase recycling rates of alloy elements to over 97% in Japan, according to a study by Tohoku University researchers and their colleagues. Their analysis found that ...

Steam of hot flue gases saves energy at steel mills

A new solution from Siemens takes advantage of hot flue gases from arc furnaces to generate steam. This steam can then be used for other steel mill processes or for generating electricity. In the past, flue gases were usually ...

'Sail rover' could explore hellish Venus

A windsailing rover could use the high speeds and hot temperatures of Venus to a robotic explorer's advantage, according to an idea funded by NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts program.

Beer will help power Alaska brewery

The Alaskan Brewing Co. is going green, but instead of looking to solar and wind energy, it has turned to a very familiar source: beer.

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