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Climate battle will 'succeed or fail' in Asia: UN

The battle to combat climate change will "succeed or fail" based on what happens in Asia, where growing energy needs are increasing demand for fossil fuels, UN officials said Friday.

A catalyst for sustainable methanol

Scientists at ETH Zurich and oil and gas company Total have developed a new catalyst that converts CO2 and hydrogen into methanol. Offering realistic market potential, the technology paves the way for the sustainable production ...

Opinion: Hitting turbulence? Aviation and the climate crisis

In the U.K., there is a legal commitment to reducing the net carbon account for all six greenhouse gases by 80 percent (1990-2050) under the Climate Change Act 2008, and recently this target has been raised to 100 percent. ...

Incoming EU chief says to launch climate fund

The president-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said Thursday the EU will launch a special fund to wean members off fossil fuels and hold wide-ranging consultations on Europe's future.

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