Surprise discovery of two new—and very loud—frog species

Scientists from the University of Newcastle, Australian Museum, South Australian Museum, and Queensland National Parks and Wildlife have found and described two new, very loud frog species from eastern Australia: the Slender ...

New frog species 'hopping' into protection

A new frog species has been discovered in Wollumbin National Park in northern New South Wales, and is one of only two known species that store their tadpoles on their bodies.

Scientists produce tadpoles better adapted to climate change

In a world-first laboratory trial reported in Communications Biology, a research team at The University of Western Australia have mixed populations to produce tadpoles that would be more tolerant of climate change.

Fewer frogs died by vehicles in the outset of the pandemic

Fewer frogs died from vehicle collisions in spring 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, than during the season in other recent years, according to a new study led by a University of Maine graduate student and community ...

Linker histones tune the length and shape of chromosomes

Human life hinges on the ability of our cells to cram six feet of DNA into a 10-micron nucleus—equivalent to fitting a mile of string inside one green pea. But stuffing genes into cramped quarters is only half the battle. ...

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