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Cultivating salad plants that can be grown on the Moon

NASA has finished its planning and is ready to go. Humans will soon be returning to the Moon—this time in a manned base. But, if this project is to succeed, astronauts must be able to grow their own food. Norwegian researchers ...

What the egg crisis reveals about our food system

This isn't the first time the price of eggs has skyrocketed. During the mid-19th-century gold rush, San Francisco's population ballooned from around 800 to more than 20,000, creating a scarcity of chicken eggs that hiked ...

Report: Crisis resilience 'critical' to stem rising hunger

A shift towards permanent "crisis resilience" from short-term aid is crucial to mitigate increasingly frequent shocks to the global food system and tackle rising global hunger, say food policy researchers.

Study outlines scenarios leading toward a circular food system

The EU wants to make the transition to a circular food system, where waste is minimized, waste products are recycled and our impact on the planet is reduced. But what will we eat in the circular food system? What kinds of ...

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