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Jellyfish: Our complex relationship with the oceans' anti-heroes

Ding! The courier hands me an unassuming brown box with "live animals" plastered on the side. I begin carefully unboxing. The cardboard exterior gives way to a white polystyrene clamshell, cloistering a pearly sphere-shaped, ...

Using cyanobacteria to convert carbon dioxide into glucose

Glucose is the most abundant monosaccharide, serving as an essential energy source for cells and as an important feedstock for the biorefinery industry. The plant-biomass-sugar route dominates the current glucose supply, ...

Empowering citizen-led solutions to climate change threats

Extreme weather caused by climate change—such as flooding—will be to easier to prepare for because scientists have now developed a new method that empowers citizens to identify solutions to the threats their communities ...

Climate change raising incidents of maritime piracy

Climate change is raising the risk of extreme weather, causing food shortages and threatening the existence of myriad species—and if that weren't enough, it's now prompting pirates to plague the world's oceans and seas.

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