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New technology turns the whole fish into food

In the meat industry, it's common practice to turn the whole animal into food products. In the fish industry, over half of the weight of the fish ends up as side-streams which never reach our plates. This takes a toll on ...

'Lungs of the Mediterranean' at risk

Under the Mediterranean waters off Tunisia, gently waving green seagrass meadows provide vital marine habitats for the fishing fleets and an erosion buffer for the beaches the tourism industry depends on.

Protecting a singular ecosystem in the Galapagos

In January 2022, the Galápagos Marine Reserve was expanded by 60,000 square kilometers, bringing the total area to 198,000 square kilometers. Created in 1998, the space is home to one of the most diverse marine ecosystems ...

Report highlights urgent need to end bottom trawling

The recent explosion of public interest in marine fisheries—driven in large part by the controversial success of Seaspiracy—has put the fishing industry firmly in the global spotlight, but has also highlighted how complex ...

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