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Adapt now as hotter marine heat waves hit: scientists

Conservationists and the fishing and tourism industries must take pre-emptive measures to protect wildlife and livelihoods as the El Niño phenomenon amplifies marine heat waves already made more intense and frequent by climate ...

Water release finds little support in Fukushima

Most Fukushima fishermen are tight-lipped but Haruo Ono can't keep his thoughts to himself on Japan's plans to release treated cooling water from the stricken nearby nuclear power plant into the Pacific from Thursday.

Fukushima's water release: what we know

Japan has announced plans to release wastewater from the stricken Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant into the ocean starting Thursday.

Huge blue whale washes ashore in southern Chile

An enormous blue whale, considered the largest animal on Earth, has washed up onto a beach in southern Chile, probably after dying at sea, local authorities said Sunday.

Climate change raising incidents of maritime piracy

Climate change is raising the risk of extreme weather, causing food shortages and threatening the existence of myriad species—and if that weren't enough, it's now prompting pirates to plague the world's oceans and seas.

Can AI be used to predict ocean waves?

The ability to model and predict the size of ocean waves is important for the fishing industry from both logistic and economic perspectives. Essentially, the bigger the waves, the more expensive the fish. Existing ocean wave ...

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