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'Fire whirls' threaten Joshua tree desert in scorching US

A huge wildfire was raging out of control through the environmentally sensitive Mojave Desert on Monday, with "fire whirls" threatening the Joshua trees that are found almost entirely in the southwestern United States.

Five dead in northern Italy storms, Sicily wildfires

At least five people were found dead in Italy Tuesday following violent storms in the north and wildfires in Sicily, which could lead the government to declare a state of emergency in the hardest-hit regions.

New sensor could protect firefighters from harmful chemicals

Chitvan Killawala and Umer Bakali want to help protect firefighters from a potential threat. Their strategy to do so does not involve creating a better forcible-entry axe or a thicker face shield, but relies instead on deploying ...

Researchers pin down PFAS prevalence in firefighter gear

A firefighter's protective clothing, called turnout gear, is essential for operating in the dangerous conditions of a fire. However, the firefighting community has raised concerns regarding the presence of a class of chemicals ...

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