Scientists discover a new complex europium hydride

A team of researchers from Russia, the United States and China led by Skoltech Professor Artem R. Oganov have discovered an unexpected very complex europium hydride, Eu8H46. The paper detailing the discovery has been published ...

Let the europium shine brighter

A stacked nanocarbon antenna makes a rare earth element shine 5 times more brightly than previous designs, with applications in molecular light-emitting devices.

Europium points to new suspect in continental mystery

Clues from some unusual Arizona rocks pointed Rice University scientists toward a discovery—a subtle chemical signature in rocks the world over—that could answer a long-standing mystery: What stole the iron from Earth's ...

Exposing valence-bond model inadequacies

( -- Nature makes science fun by never failing to surprise. Just when scientists think they have a thing figured out, nature sends them scurrying to the whiteboard because of some unexpected result.