Using light to produce medication and plastics more efficiently

Anyone who wants to produce medication, plastics or fertilizer using conventional methods needs heat for chemical reactions—but not so with photochemistry, where light provides the energy. The process to achieve the desired ...

Methane emissions from energy sector rose in 2023: IEA

Planet-heating methane released by the fossil fuel industry rose to near record highs in 2023 despite technology available to curb this pollution at virtually no cost, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.

New catalyst accelerates release of hydrogen from ammonia

Germany can probably only meet its demand for climate-friendly hydrogen by imports, for example, from South America or Australia. For such long-distance transport, hydrogen can be converted into ammonia.

Nordic microalgae: Potential superstars in the green transition

The carbon dioxide emissions of the growing human population have a massive impact on the climate. While many are seeking solutions, researchers in Umeå, Sweden, might have found one right in front of their houses: Nordic ...

Faster charging with diamonds

Diamond is known for its outstanding thermal conductivity. This makes the material ideal for cooling electronic components with high power densities, such as those used in processors, semiconductor lasers or electric vehicles.

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