A new understanding of connectivity and 'bio-heritage'

EU-funded researchers delved into how the nature of 'things' is shaped by their connectivity, particularly with regard to biological materials. The research resulted in the development of 'bio-heritage' as a novel and distinctive ...

The true 'value' of biodiversity

Putting policies in place that are designed to protect biodiversity but are based on only one key species 'value' could inadvertently put some of our best loved wildlife in jeopardy, new research has shown.

New research traces roots of 'prisoners of war'

Research by a historian at the University of Southampton shows the term 'prisoner of war' was first used in the 14th century, around three centuries earlier than previously thought.

Scientists show how species diversity can pay dividends

For decades, conservationists have focused on the possible costs of extinction: the effects on a lost species' predators, prey and environment, or the effects on people who can no longer use the species for food or clothing. ...

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