Probing helium dimer by relativistic highly charged projectiles

In a recent theoretical work published in Physical Review Letters, researchers at the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and their collaborators suggested probing helium dimer by relativistic ...

Optical frequency combs with a new dimension

Periodic pulses of light forming a comb in the frequency domain are widely used for sensing and ranging. The key to the miniaturization of this technology toward chip-integrated solutions is the generation of dissipative ...

Scientists discover mechanisms behind thermoelectric material

Recently, a research group led by Prof. Zhang Yongsheng from the Institute of Solid State Physics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science successfully explained the novel physical mechanisms behind pyrite-type ZnSe2.

New therapeutic approach to combat African sleeping sickness

Scientists working in a range of disciplines joined forces to identify a new approach to combat African sleeping sickness. Fundamental research undertaken under the supervision of Professor Ute Hellmich of Johannes Gutenberg ...

Chemists develop a catalyst to oxidize alkanes in mild conditions

RUDN chemists developed a catalyst to oxidize alkanes without additional heating and under regular pressure. This will simplify the process of obtaining alcohols, acids, and other substances used to manufacture organic products. ...

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Dimer may refer to:

Dimerous refer to plants with organ arrangement based on the number 2, see : merosity.

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