Why is Ghana so hot this year? An expert explains

Ghana's meteorological agency and the state's health service have issued warnings about a period of very high temperatures expected in the first half of 2024 around the country. Ghana's experience is part of a global phenomenon: ...

World resource extraction could surge 60% by 2060, UN warns

Extraction of Earth's natural resources could surge 60 percent by 2060, imperiling climate goals and economic prosperity, the UN said Friday, calling for dramatic changes in energy, food, transport and housing.

New dyeing method could help jeans shrink toxic problem

Can the multi-billion-dollar denim industry keep producing blue jeans in every shape, size and silhouette, while shrinking oversized levels of hazardous pollution? Research published Tuesday suggests a new dye could be a ...

China may miss all key climate targets for 2025: report

China may miss all of its main climate goals for 2025, a new report showed Thursday, as the world's largest emitter increased its reliance on carbon-intensive industries to bolster a flagging economy.

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