How to make web advertising more effective

Every day, users are bombarded with animated ads across the web, and companies fight to cut through the clutter. New research from the University at Buffalo School of Management has pinpointed one attribute online ads should ...

How you name it matters: 'Gambling' vs. 'gaming'

( —Is online betting fun entertainment or a seedy fraud? Your opinion likely depends on whether you label it "gambling" or "gaming," reports a new Cornell study that shows how industry labels help shape consumer ...

Marketing researchers study effect of red on consumer behavior

Rajesh Bagchi was once an engineer in California and Colorado, providing software support on water and sewer master plans to utilities and consultants and co-authoring papers about polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated ...

Toyota recalls made no dent on their brand: study

A study from North Carolina State University shows that Toyota's safety-related recalls that began in 2009 made little to no impact on how consumers perceived the brand.

Daily deal companies are here to stay, according to consumers

Despite recent news reports questioning the long-term viability of daily deal companies, a new study from researchers at Rice University and Cornell University shows that the companies are more popular than ever among consumers.

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