Tiebreaks push competition—not only in sports

The strategy used for resolving ties and determining bid limits decides on whether competition is pushed or not. In weightlifting, for instance, the tie is resolved in favor of the athlete with the lower body mass. In and ...

EU starts anti-trust action against Qualcomm

The European Union's anti-trust watchdog says it suspects that Qualcomm illegally made exclusivity payments to a major customer and sold chipsets below cost to force a competitor out of the market.

Measuring air pollution on a bicycle

A small group of EPFL students captured second place at the international competition iCan with their bike light with an air pollution gauge.

Winter season reverses outcome of fruit fly reproduction

Male fruit flies could find their chances of fathering offspring radically reduced if they are last in the queue to mate with promiscuous females before winter arrives, according to new University of Liverpool research.

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