The new compound that destroys the MRSA superbug

A compound that both inhibits the MRSA superbug and renders it more vulnerable to antibiotics has been discovered by scientists at the University of Bath led by Dr. Maisem Laabei and Dr. Ian Blagbrough.

Testing finds illness sickening Michigan dogs is parvovirus

An illness that has sickened dogs in northern Michigan, killing some of them, was found to be canine parvovirus, a common ailment the affected dogs were not fully vaccinated against, state officials said.

Medicines 3D-printed in seven seconds

Medicines can be printed in seven seconds in a new 3D-printing technique that could enable rapid on-site production of medicines, reports a UCL-led research team.

CLEAR study paves the way for novel electron-based cancer therapy

There are some cancer tumors that not even surgery, chemotherapy or traditional radiation therapy can cure. These resistant tumors contribute to making the disease one of the main causes of mortality worldwide, but the scientific ...

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