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Better mixing leads to faster reactions for key chemicals

Pouring cream into coffee creates a show of eddies that rivals Jupiter's roiling storms. But one clank of the spoon collapses all that black and tan chaos into a smooth, uniform brown. It turns out there's a lot to that mixing. ...

NASA researchers battle biofilm in space

A small group of scientists on the biofilm mitigation team at NASA's Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama, study solutions to combat fast-growing colonies of bacteria or fungi, known as biofilm, for future space missions.

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Chemical engineer

In the field of engineering, a chemical engineer is the profession in which one works principally in the chemical industry to convert basic raw materials into a variety of products, and deals with the design and operation of plants and equipment to perform such work. In general, a chemical engineer is one who applies and uses principles of chemical engineering in any of various practical applications; primarily with respect to the study of the design, manufacture, and operation of plant and machinery in industrial chemical and related processes. However, modern chemical engineers are becoming more heavily involved in the development of new technologies such as fuel cells, hydrogen power and nanotechnology, as well as working in fields such as polymer engineering and biomedical engineering. A number of famous or historical chemical engineers can be found in the list of chemical engineers.

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