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X-ray scanner spots cancers and analyzes drugs in minutes

Engineers at Duke University have demonstrated a prototype X-ray scanning machine that reveals not just the shape of an object but its molecular composition. With unprecedented resolution and accuracy, the technology could ...

Shining light on two-dimensional magnets

Atomically thin van der Waals magnets are widely seen as the ultimate compact media for future magnetic data storage and fast data processing. Controlling the magnetic state of these materials in real-time, however, has proven ...

Researchers demonstrate a quantum advantage

Quantum computing and quantum sensing have the potential to be vastly more powerful than their classical counterparts. Not only could a fully realized quantum computer take just seconds to solve equations that would take ...

DNA sequencing pioneers win 1mn euro tech 'Nobel' prize

Two British chemists who developed a super-fast DNA sequencing technique that paved the way for revolutionary healthcare advances were on Tuesday awarded Finland's version of the Nobel science prizes.

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