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Space Exploration Apr 01, 2019

Researcher calculates temperature inside moon to help reveal its inner structure

Little is known about the inner structure of the Moon, but a major step forward was made by a University of Rhode Island scientist who conducted experiments that enabled her to determine the temperature at the boundary of ...

Space Exploration Mar 26, 2019

Pence calls for landing US astronauts on moon in 5 years (Update)

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday called for landing astronauts on the moon within five years, an accelerated pace that would aim to put Americans on the lunar south pole.

Space Exploration Apr 11, 2019

Israeli spacecraft crashes during moon landing: mission control (Update)

Israel's attempt at a moon landing failed at the last minute on Thursday when the craft suffered an engine failure as it prepared to land and apparently crashed onto the lunar surface.

Space Exploration Mar 26, 2019

Apollo 11 brought a message of peace to the Moon—but Neil and Buzz almost forgot to leave it behind

"How about that package out of your sleeve? Get that?" is certainly not the most famous phrase uttered by a human while on the Moon. And the items nestled in a small packet that astronaut Buzz Aldrin had stowed in the pocket ...

Space Exploration Mar 30, 2019

US boots on the Moon in 2024? It won't be easy

For the past 15 years, America has sought to put its astronauts back on the Moon, but NASA did not think it could be done before 2028.

Space Exploration Mar 28, 2019

New close-ups of the mini-moons in Saturn's rings

Nestled between Saturn's rings are a collection of mini-moons that NASA's Cassini spacecraft skimmed past in 2017.

Earth Sciences Apr 03, 2019

Sun, moon and sea as part of a 'seismic probe'

Looking inside the Earth requires a signal that can penetrate rocks, minerals and other opaque material. Seismic waves represent such a signal. By recording them with a seismometer, researchers can draw conclusions from the ...

Space Exploration Mar 29, 2019

Shadows on the Moon - a tale of ephemeral beauty, humans and hubris

Between 1969 and 1972, a new type of archaeological site was created. For the first time, human bodies and the technology needed to sustain them altered the landscape of another world. The astronauts from the six Apollo missions ...

Space Exploration Apr 11, 2019

Israel set to land spacecraft on the moon in first

Israel's first spacecraft to the moon was expected to make its historic landing there Thursday, making the Jewish state the fourth and smallest country to complete the trip.

Space Exploration Apr 11, 2019

To get to the Moon in 2024, the rocket is just NASA's first headache

In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Alan Campbell, a project manager for space systems at the famed Draper Laboratory that built the computer which took astronauts to the Moon 50 years ago, is waiting for news from NASA.

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