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Space Exploration Apr 17, 2019

US astronaut to spend 11 months in space, set female record

A NASA astronaut will spend nearly a year at the International Space Station, setting a record for women.

Space Exploration Apr 17, 2019

A small step for China: Mars base for teens opens in desert

In the middle of China's Gobi desert sits a Mars base simulator, but instead of housing astronauts training to live on the Red Planet, the facility is full of teenagers on a school trip.

Astronomy Apr 18, 2019

Planck reveals link between active galaxies and their dark matter environment

Scientists have used the tiny distortions imprinted on the cosmic microwave background by the gravity of matter throughout the universe, recorded by ESA's Planck satellite, to uncover the connection between the luminosity ...

Internet Apr 16, 2019

YouTube accidentally links Notre-Dame fire to 9/11 attacks

A YouTube fact-check feature which is meant to tackle misinformation accidentally tagged live broadcasts of a fire engulfing Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris with details about the 9/11 terror attacks.

Space Exploration Apr 09, 2019

U.S. wants a crewed mission to the moon in five years – but can and should that be done?

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and a significant turning point in world history. The Israeli robotic mission Beresheet has just arrived in lunar orbit, with a scheduled landing on April 11 ...

Space Exploration Apr 03, 2019

A possible explanation for one of Saturn's moons having an underground ocean

A pair of researchers, one with the University of Maryland the other with Southwest Research Institute, has found what they believe is a plausible explanation for the existence of the ocean beneath the surface of one of Saturn's ...

Space Exploration Apr 12, 2019

Israeli spacecraft crashes in attempt to land on moon

An Israeli spacecraft crashed into the moon just moments before touchdown, failing in an ambitious attempt to make history Thursday as the first privately funded lunar landing.

Space Exploration Apr 04, 2019

Israeli spacecraft enters lunar orbit ahead of moon landing

The first Israeli spacecraft to journey to the moon passed its most crucial test yet on Thursday when it dropped into lunar orbit one week ahead of landing.

Space Exploration Apr 04, 2019

See the moon photobomb saturn in an amazing capture

Welcome to Saturn as you've probably never seen it. It's always awe-inspiring to see the clockwork motion of the heavens transpire in real time. In a slow motion universe, occultations give us the chance to see the cosmos ...

Space Exploration Apr 02, 2019

After the Moon in 2024, NASA wants to reach Mars by 2033

NASA has made it clear they want astronauts back on the Moon in 2024, and now, they are zeroing in on the Red Planet—the US space agency confirmed that it wants humans to reach Mars by 2033.

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