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Bio & Medicine Jan 22, 2021

New self-assembly method creates bioelectronics out of microscopic structures

Bringing together soft, malleable living cells with hard, inflexible electronics can be a difficult task. UChicago researchers have developed a new method to face this challenge by utilizing microscopic structures to build ...

Molecular & Computational biology Jan 14, 2021

Toadlet peptide transforms into a deadly weapon against bacteria

Researchers at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and EMBL Hamburg have discovered remarkable molecular properties of an antimicrobial peptide from the skin of the Australian toadlet. The discovery could inspire ...

Plants & Animals Jan 12, 2021

New study identifies immune response biomarkers, novel pathways to support Mollusca aquaculture 

Understanding the immune systems of oysters and clams is important in monitoring the effects of pollution and climate change on the health of molluscan species and the potential impacts on the aquaculture industry. Their ...

Biotechnology Jan 05, 2021

Full mitochondrial control for the ultimate anticancer biohack

Insofar as variants for mitochondrial disease are supposed to be rare in the genome, don't think for even a minute that it can't happen to you. In fact, the closer one looks at the full mitonuclear genomes of normal folks, ...

Bio & Medicine Dec 28, 2020

The evolution of single amyloid fibrils into microcrystals

Amyloids refer to abnormal fibrous extracellular and proteinaceous deposits found in organs and tissues that form insoluble constructs that are resistant to degradation. Their formation can accompany disease, where each disease ...

Biotechnology Dec 21, 2020

Beyond changing DNA itself, mutagens also cause errors in gene transcription

Exposure to mutagens, or mutation-causing agents, can not only bring about changes in DNA but also appear to induce errors when genes are transcribed to make proteins, which may be an important factor in age-related diseases.

Biotechnology Dec 21, 2020

Cellular exclusion of mitochondria protects cells from damage

Mitochondria are cellular organelles that generate most of the energy cells need to function, and thus play an important role in maintaining cell health. In a new study, researchers from Osaka University discovered a novel ...

Cell & Microbiology Dec 17, 2020

Seeking to avoid 'full lockdown,' cells monitor ribosome collisions

Ribosomes are the machines in the cell that use instructions from mRNA to synthesize functional proteins. There are hundreds of thousands of ribosomes in each cell, and they mostly process their instructions faithfully. But ...

Cell & Microbiology Dec 16, 2020

Driving force behind cellular 'protein factories' identified

Researchers have identified the driving force behind a cellular process linked to neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and motor neurone disease.

Biochemistry Dec 10, 2020

How damaging proteins form

Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease are both examples of amyloid diseases, where malfunctioning proteins accumulate to form fibrils and larger aggregates called amyloid plaques. In the journal Biophysical Chemistry ...

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